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Help For Anxiety

  • Have you been living with excessive worry, stress, or fear?

  • You're at a party and the anxiety strikes - tightening of the chest, dry throat, unable to come up with any words to say.

  • You have a presentation for work or school and stumble through with sweaty palms.

  • You're at a grocery store or in class and see how many people are there and immediately panic with fear.

Anxiety is something everyone experiences but, for some, anxiety can impede on life's greatest joys. It can impact relationships, school, work, sleeping, eating and everyday hobbies.

What Does Anxiety Feel and/or Look Like?
  • Perfectionism

  • Feeling inadequate or never quite “good enough”

  • Second guessing everything you say & do

  • Self-doubt or lack of confidence

  • Persistent worry & fear

  • Being a “people pleaser” & difficulty putting yourself first

  • Difficulty setting boundaries or saying “no”

I've had many clients who can relate to above and tell me their anxiety is impacting their everyday lives. I have also witnessed them make changes and learn to cope with their anxiety and are now living a calmer and happier life and you can too.

When To Get Help For Anxiety

If anxiety is impacting your everyday life, there is help out there for you.


Here are some signs it might be time to reach out for professional help:

  • You have thoughts that feel scary or out of control

  • Anxiety is negatively impacting relationships you care about

  • You feel like you can’t be in public or around other people

  • You are having trouble sleeping

  • Anxiety makes it hard to do daily tasks like eating, cleaning, going to work, or child care

Imagine waking up feeling more refreshed and ready for the day without an anxious pit in your stomach. Less overthinking, less fear about what the day will bring, you are pleasant and happy to be around your family. Your situation isn't perfect but you appreciate the little moments more and feel less worried about what the future may bring. This vision is what you deserve. Contact me today to get started.

Free Resource: 5 Tips to Reduce Anxiety
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